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The schedule for Ist phase Sphurti games will be as follows :

1. Gram panchayat level games are scheduled from 6th June to 10th June 2016.

2. Nyaya Panchayat level games will start from 13th to 17th June 2016.

3. Block Level tournament will start from 20th to 24th June 2016.

4. From Block Level, winning teams will play at District Level.

5. District Level Tournament will start from 27th June 2016 and will be at Sports Stadium, Bareilly.


  Dates of Gram Panchayat Level Games:

Kho-Kho- 06/06/2016

Volleyball- 07/06/2016

Kabaddi - 08/06/2016

Rassa-Kashi (Tug-of-war)-  09/06/2016

Race 100m- 10/06/2016

Race 200m- 10/06/2016

Race 400m- 10/06/2016

Race 1500m- 10/06/2016

Long Jump- 10/06/2016
Dates of Nyaya Panchayat Level Games:

Kho-Kho- 13/06/2016

Volleyball- 14/06/2016

Kabaddi - 15/06/2016

Rassa-Kashi (Tug-of-war)-  16/06/2016

Race 100m- 17/06/2016

Race 200m- 17/06/2016

Race 400m- 17/06/2016

Race 1500m- 17/06/2016

Long Jump- 17/06/2016
Dates of Block
Level  Games:

Kho-Kho- 20/06/2016

Volleyball- 21/06/2016

Kabaddi - 22/06/2016

Rassa-Kashi (Tug-of-war)-  23/06/2016

Race 100m- 24/06/2016

Race 200m- 24/06/2016

Race 400m- 24/06/2016

Race 1500m- 24/06/2016

Long Jump- 24/06/2016
Dates of District
Level  Games:

Kho-Kho- 27/06/2016

Volleyball- 28/06/2016

Kabaddi - 29/06/2016

Rassa-Kashi (Tug-of-war)- 

Race 100m- 02/07/2016

Race 200m- 02/07/2016

Race 400m- 02/07/2016

Race 1500m- 02/07/2016

Long Jump- 02/07/2016